ServicesVenue Selection

Each and every detail of your wedding planning will revolve around the venue selection. India offers countless venues that can cater to every type of theme – whether you want a sunset wedding on the beaches of Goa, or maybe a metropolitan wedding in Mumbai. Rest assured, we will find the most ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams.

Concept & Theme Creation

The theme of your wedding is the jumping-off point to which all the other details will be based upon. Your theme could be an era from decades past, or a color scheme, or even centered on your chosen venue. Every detail, from the wedding arch, to the flowers, decorations, place settings, and reception tables will reflect your concept, and everything will be in sync with each other.

Sequence Arrangement

We will make sure that the sequence of activities of your wedding celebration – from before the ceremony starts, to after the reception is done – will create the memories that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Vendor Coordinator

We will work with our qualified vendors to give you the best deals that we can find, and work with them on your behalf each step of the way so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Family & Guest Activity Planner

We understand that you will not have the time to properly accommodate your family and friends, so we created this service specifically to take care of their needs. Whether it be travel arrangements or an itinerary of activities, rest assured we have the right personalized service to attend to your family and guests.


Accommodation Coordinator

Aside from travel and activity arrangements, we also offer accommodation coordination for your guests and family. We understand that finding the perfect place for your guests to stay is of utmost importance so rest assured we will take care of every accommodation detail.

Wedding Master

We have a wide selection of wedding celebrants who have the expertise and experience to make your wedding celebration truly memorable.

Wedding Decoration & Structure

We have the ability to transform any venue into the wedding of your dreams. Count on us to offer you a wide selection of ideas when it comes to making your celebration in tune with your theme, as well as providing an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.

Makeup and Hair Stylist

Looking your very best on your special day is of utmost importance – after all, this is one of the most important day of your lives, and you must be at your most beautiful. We have a great selection of professional hair and make up stylists who will bring out the best in you, as well as your family or wedding entourage party.

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

While you have your memories that last a lifetime, good quality photos and videos will highlight each and every moment of your wedding. We offer professional photographers and videographers with the best track records in the industry so you are confident that each special moment of your wedding will be captured on film.



Reception Dinner

Your reception party is one of the best parts of your wedding. It is here where you get to enjoy the company of people who love you and your loved one, and where you get to celebrate your union with the people who matter most. Whether you want to have a cocktail party before the grand dinner, or maybe a breakfast buffet after a sunrise ceremony, we have the widest selection of concepts, venues, and services for your every need.

 Refreshment I Beverage

Drinks before, during, and after the wedding party can add that boost to your wedding party. We offer a wide selection of beverages for your guests, whether you need to serve fruit juice after the ceremony, or even an open bar during the reception.

 Light & Sound

No party is complete without the proper lighting and music. We have complete sound and speaker systems that will make your wedding party entertaining and enjoyable for you and your guests.

Wedding Cake

A wedding party is never complete without slicing a piece of cake to serve to each other and to guests – it’s a way of celebrating the sweetness of love and that of life. We have a wide range of wedding cake suppliers who have the ability to create wherever your imagination takes you.

 Performance & Entertainment

Once the ceremony is done, you’ll want to enjoy the night away with your family and friends. What better way to enjoy a party than with a DJ, live band, a fire spinner, or a dance show to entertain your wedding party. We have a complete list of entertainment options for you that’s as unique as your wedding itself.