Goa Wedding Destination

Goa is India’s largest and most famous wedding destination, due to its stunning beaches and easy access. It is connected ,easily accessible and can be reached by flight, train, car or bus – no need to ride a ferry or catch a boat to get to this paradise.Goan beaches are world apart,to say the least.Blue waters maerging with the blue of horizon,white sands with the coconut palms adding their greenery to the entire scene. The rugged rocks flaunt their beauty in forty beaches scattered throughout Goa.Some of these beaches are primitive and untouched.Calangute Beach is the “Queen of Goa beaches”.

Weddings in Goa

Goa is fast becoming more and more popular wedding destination simply because of its interesting mix of breathtaking beaches and scenery and the vast array of wedding services that can rival any other metropolitan in the world. There are countless wedding venues for couples to choose from, such as hotels, resorts, and even private villas.

Top-quality wedding services providers are always ready to cater any needs couples might have, and a well-chosen wedding planner will make sure that the wedding day will be truly unforgettable and absolutely fuss-free. Catering services, flower arrangements, DJs, entertainment, photographers and more, with us, you will definitely find what you’re looking for here in Goa.


Choose from a traditional Western wedding ceremony, or a Christian-style ceremony; however, more options are available, including Indian/Hindu wedding, a ceremony with a baby elephant, or even a yacht wedding. Your choice of venues, concepts, and services is almost limitless in Goa, making it an ideal destination to make your wedding a day to remember. Besides, not only is Goa a unique wedding destination, but it is also a great option for your continuous honeymoon. Numerous entertainment options and romantic places to stay will make you to never want to leave.

Goa, offers the most breathtaking sunset views for your wedding. Private villas and 5-star luxury hotels are waiting to welcome you with their exceptional treatment. As you prepare for your wedding, your guests can explore beautiful beaches around Goa, go shopping and partying at the countless malls and clubs – making it a fantastic holiday for them, as well.

Weddings at Goa offer the perfect option for an exotic wedding getaway with all the amenities and services you will ever need to make your special day truly memorable.

Wedding Planner in Goa

Hiring the wedding planner who connects with you not just as service provider, but establishes a good personal relationship, is highly important. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it has to be perfect. Square One Weddings team aims to provide perfection in everything we do. We will assist you from start to finish – including choice of venues and accommodation, photographers, videographers, wedding suppliers, design, color, etc. You name it, we deliver.