If you’re looking for an especially memorable wedding, you may want a beach wedding in Thailand, a three-day celebration in France or a Hawaiian style wedding in Malaysia. Any of these celebrations can be yours with the help of Square One Weddings, which creates elaborate luxury itineraries exclusively in any international destination for Indian weddings. Square One Weddings will design every detail of your wedding, from photographers and floral arrangements to private jet charters and private chefs. Square One Weddings also arranges unique local details for your event, such as a celebratory elephant polo match in Krabi or 10 dress changes for the bride in Dubai. And, if you want to keep some of your Indian sensibilities during the ceremony, Square One Weddings will help you find that balance. Square One Weddings can also coordinate your wedding in Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, France, Turkey, Indonesia, Maldives or any number of other international destinations.



Exotic_ThailandThailand is one of the leading destinations for fantasy Indian destination weddings. Soulmates can get married in style on Krabi Island Beach or get an Indian chef who will cook fusion food for the guests. Thailand is top pick for speaking wedding vows among Indian families looking to host an international destination wedding. Key provinces work year round with Indian planners to woo lovers to “Tie the Knot in Thailand”. Thailand is already top destination for honeymoon and travel for Indians. Wedding venues such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Samui and Nakhon Ratchasima are most preferred by Indians for destination weddings in Thailand. Indian wedding in Thailand cover at least three days and some of the more elaborate events last up to 10 days. Some 100-120 Indian couples host their weddings in Thailand each year.


Exotic_MalaysiaMalaysia is next most preferred venue for international destination weddings by Indians. Pangkor, Sipadan, Mabul, Langkawi and Perhentian Islands are Malaysia’s some most beautiful venues with beaches that inspire romance and clear blue waters that sweep soothingly to the shores. Weddings by the beach at sunset may be perfect, but couples can also look for cruise wedding where they can sail away into the sunset as they exchange vows. Even though Malaysia is very tropical country holding a wedding in the cooler times of the highlands, is an option, as well. Garden Weddings or English style Indian weddings are most chosen one, with the gently sloping green hills as a witness to the holy gathering.



Exotic_FranceFrance  offers enough diversity in landscape and culture to make it most beautiful destination for Indian international destination weddings. The landscape range from coasts of Brittany to the hills of Provence, the canyons of the Pyrenees to the bays of Corsica, and from the valleys of the Dordogne to the peaks of Alps. Like all the world’s greatest capitals, Paris lives at a fast pace, by day and night but is witness to hundreds of royal Indian weddings happening every year. Being world capital of art, Paris offers most famous and beautiful monuments in the world like Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral and many more such beauties, which become a nice backdrop to great Indian wedding extravaganza hosted by elite Indian families.



Exotic_istanbulWelcome to Turkey, the horizon where east meets west, where your wedding will be a fairy-tale you will remember for years to come. Turkey has other beautiful cities and places worth visiting but Istanbul and Antalya has gained huge popularity among Indians for international destination weddings. Full of life and “Indian connect”, where bride will easily sacrifice their hen party for a decent henna party. Famous for hamams, creamy sand beaches and rock tombs, these places are no less than heaven on earth. Wedding guests will remember Turkey and Antalya in particular, as it’s best for trekking spots, beaches and paragliding sites that it has to offer. Antalya is a place where the sea is calmer even in storm, giving it a relaxation backdrop for your wedding.


Exotic_MaldivesGet married on a mountaintop in the middle of the Indian ocean. The Maldives islands are in fact the tips of the highest range of underwater mountains on Earth. Hotels don’t need swimming pools here, they build the rooms directly over the water, and you can step out of bed and into ankle deep water covering a carpet of white sand. Days and nights are equally enchanting, and water and wind will write the score for your wedding march, in fact almost all of the hotels here are venues equipped with plenty of experience in hosting Indian weddings, because everything about The Maldives provides the perfect destination for serenity and relaxation.




Indonesia is both intriguing and beautiful, and looks more like planned conceptualized place, boasting 17508 islands and is as versatile and diverse as  India in terms of languages, groups and food, making it another beautiful choice for Indian international destination weddings.